VirtualU Standard Personal Reputation Management Service


A VirtualU Guru will create for you by hand many new personal profiles using information provided by you. We make monthly updates and take other reputation actions in order to quickly remove, replace or diminish negative information from the top of search results that appear under your personal name. We also take other reputation management actions in order to contest, correct information or remove your personal data from the source, search engine or an Internet website.

VirtualU takes legal, industry standard and proprietary actions to cleanse any existing unwanted information found about your personal name on the Internet. The first step is taking proactive actions toward removing or correcting this information found in Google, Yahoo, Bing, White-Pages, Yellow-Pages, Directories, Blogs, Social Media sites, Comment Boards, Reviews Websites, News Stories, Smear Campaigns, Incorrect Names, Incorrect Information, Slander, Bankruptcy and Court Records, and more.


Reputation Protection Plan to claim the top search engine placements related to your name:

– 1st month, a VirtualU Guru will create personal profiles for your personal name on the top 100 social media websites in order to begin to fill in the search results and diminish negative links

– 2nd month, purchase of 1 domain name related to your personal name (; which should eventually be raked #1 for people to visit

– 2nd month, point 100 domain name protection, who-is websites to your domain name to continue to fill in the search results with links

– 3rd month, create 100 additional personal profiles in the top ranking 200+ social media, blogs and article websites

Reputation Cleansing Plan to correct or remove incorrect information:

– Updates, corrections or claims to existing social media, white-pages, public records

– Contact appropriate websites to contest and remove incorrect information

– Take other reputation actions to diminish or replace problem profiles

Reputation Management Includes:

– VirtualU Privacy-Shield Personal for 1 year

– Monitor or manipulate the Google Auto Suggest

– Content development for your profiles

– Monthly maintenance of your profiles

Optional: Call Us for the 1 Month Accelerated Personal Campaign for 300+ Profile Links [$1299]

Product Options

1 Month, 3 Months


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