VirtualU Privacy-Shield Live, 24/7 Personal Data Monitoring App


VirtualU Privacy-Shield Personal Monitoring online software and service provides you live search and 24/7 monitoring of your personal data and your online reputation across a large network of social media and public databases. You get a unique login to our online software to perform live searches and 24/7 monitoring of the top 200+ social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more, over 250,000+ news feeds and Millions of blogs ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your personal data. VirtualU finds references to you, your child, teen or family members by name, screen name or social profile page; extracts conversations, comments, articles, online reviews and then reports back to you for analysis. Search for exposure of your name, your childrens names, your usernames or your personal data such as your phone number, address, email, employment and private data such as your biometric data or Social Security #. Based on your findings, use the enhanced reporting to perform sentiment analysis and setup the real-time email notifications of any matches found. If you need solutions and assistance with managing your personal data or online reputation, then purchase our VirtualU™ Personal and Family Data Privacy Do It Yourself Kit. It provides you an VirtualU E-book, video tutorials, important documents and our VirtualU Guru’s help to show you the options you have and step-by-step instructions how to control your information found on social media websites, public white-pages, public records databases or any other website.



– *Get online login access to VirtualU‘s live, real-time deep search and 24/7 monitoring of the web for references to your data
– *Customize-able dashboard of sites to monitor and get emails of matches or changes
– *Manage personal pages, schedule posts and respond to comments from one place
– *Reports by demographics, topic trends or measure your online reputation metrics
– Video tutorials of how to set privacy settings or be removed from various top sites
– E-book instructions about your profiles, privacy, data access and online reputation
– Important pre-written documents such as take-down orders and legal requests
– How to recover blocked pages, lost pages or lost access to your personal profiles
– Windows, browser and proxy settings to secure your web browsing data
– 24/7/365 customer service for help with the monitoring setup or software
– VirtualU Guru support for dealing with fixing your data at $50 per hour

*Our VirtualU team develops advanced artificial intelligence technologies for sentiment analysis and opinion mining from free text. Our algorithms extract sentiment (positivity), topics, concepts and online reviews from text in multiple languages. You can benefit from VirtualU by accessing the web interface as well as by using our reputation management API. VirtualU monitors online reviews, blogs, news, forums and social networks. Our tool performs text analysis and extracts sentiment, as well as opinions. It measures the quantity and quality of the conversations, analyzes the demographic profile of the audience, gives you the possibility to manage your social profiles and perform you campaign from within our engagement calendar. VirtualU also offers identification of community leaders and facilitates the analysis of your customers’ behavior and engagement. Monitoring and managing your online reputation is vital for your offline reputation. VirtualU protects your brand, personal name, CEO’s name and improves your overall performance on the web. VirtualU is a tool for monitoring, measurement and management of your reputation online. VirtualU helps you identify leads and opinion leaders, lets you engage with online communities and tracks your success. Our tools offer intelligent reputation monitoring alerts to help businesses of all types stay on top of their online reputation. Instead of getting notifications of all data flow, our customers can filter notices to negative content, through our sentiment analysis system; detect and get warned about irregular spikes in volume, through our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms; they can also receive warnings about online reviews and opinions as they appear on major online review sites; and they can also filter all notices on the author’s influence score to fine tune the number of received alerts and save time.

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