VirtualU Personal Reputation Management Do It Yourself Kit w/ Training


The Personal Reputation Management Do It Yourself Kit is designed to give you all the resources and support to manage and even repair your own online reputation. Instead of having a VirtualU guru manage your social media and online reputation, you can now take control of the situation on your own to create a better “Virtual You”. Since 2010, VirtualU has developed proven methods for fully and properly setting up your personal profiles for maximum exposure in order for them to reach the top of the search results; with the intent on pushing negative links down in the search engines. This will allow you to control what is appearing at the top and not let Google decide what people see about your “Virtual You”. This DIY kit includes 12 free months of the VirtualU™ Privacy-Shield Personal™ Monitoring service valued at $299 per year. The online monitoring platform will give you the ability to perform initial deep data scans, sentiment analysis and live monitoring before you start to take action. You get a spreadsheet list of the top ranking 500+ social media platforms, white-pages, yellow-pages, classifieds, industry, reviews sites and personal data aggregators. The list is accompanied by their important documents such as Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, their process on How to be Removed and their Contact information with additional instructions for you to ask them to take-down, correct or remove from their website or Google any of your personal data.

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