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VirtualU Guru Reputation Management
VirtualU Guru Reputation Management

VirtualU’s DoctorU computer and DoctorU protection plan was designed by our VirtualU Guru’s that have over 30 years experience in using tried and true methods to reduced risk from online attacks, minimizes potential lawsuits, protects your brand value and secures your long-term success.

VirtualU’s “DoctorU Protection Plan” monthly subscription is a 12 month campaign where the get a DoctorU Computer and sent to you for use at your office, home, webmaster or staff and a VirtualU Guru will manage your month-to-month online reputation management (ORM), your social media profiles and search engine optimization.

DoctorU Online Reputation Management Company

DoctorU Protection Plan includes reputation management and search engine optimization help from a VirtualU Guru: $1000 /mo. for 1 year

Doctor Protection Plan Services:

Legal Help:

VirtualU has attorney’s with experience with all types of Internet legal requests to assist you in taking down any information related to you, your company and your website from Google and any other source

Data Privacy:

VirtualU properly sets your privacy settings, comment box controls and your personal and business data across all websites

Brand Protection:

VirtualU claims your Google Knowledge panel, usernames, profile names, company name, domain names, brand names and normalizes your data across the Internet

Personal & Business Protection:

VirtualU protects each doctor in the office and the office against malicious attacks from competitors, ex-employees and even hackers using the forces of DoctorU and the strength and size of our network of doctors

Internet Monitoring:

VirtualU live monitors and deep searches the Internet for references to you or your office or brands; monitors Yelp sites & Doctor sites with reporting and then sends immediate alerts to take action

Reviews Management:

VirtualU 10 years experience with proper flaggings and proper removal requests for all negative reviews from citation sites like Healthgrades, Yelp, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Asset Protection:

VirtualU monitoring of trademarks, copyrights, DCMA, movies, music, patents, articles with alerts and immediate take down requests

Google Suggestion Protection:

VirtualU secures the Google Auto Suggestions & Related Searches to protect against negative leading searches such as “reviews”, “complaints”, “lawsuit” etc.

Controlling Google Search:

VirtualU PR Extreme helps you create relevant news for your practice that “sticks” in the search results, by feeding it to your network of profiles and our network of news sites to fill in the first 10 pages of search results; thus helping you take full control of the search results.

Computer & Internet Security:

VirtualU Privacy, Anti-virus, Data Security & Compartmentalization of all your services are pre-installed on the DoctorU Computer


VirtualU has served pro football players, baseball, hockey, cheerleaders and beauty contestants, high profile entertainers in music, books, movies, prominent professionals in the stock market, banks, doctors, dentists, attorneys, those in public office like school teachers, police officers, military, RCMP, individuals, parents of children, privacy experts, industry providers and even concerned persons looking to improve the reputation of deceased people, retirees or their relatives.


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